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I come from a family of machinists, carpenters, musicians and teachers, and having an interest in music and instrument making follows pretty naturally. I was born in western Pennsylvania and lived there as a boy, and my early interest in working with my hands came from spending summers with my grandfather who was an inventor and machinist. I loved watching him working and seeing how things were made. Eventually I was shown how to use the metal lathes, micrometers and other tools used in precision work in his shop. My father who was an anthropologist, trained as a tool and die maker as a young man and like many in my family, he worked in the industrial shops and mills common in the area in those days.

Around this same age, or perhaps a bit later, during family trips to West Virginia I was lucky to see and hear musicians who would get together to play for fun. It was a great experience, although it was years later before I began learning to play. These two interests – making things and music – have been something I’ve wanted to learn about and happily they come together in instrument making. I am fortunate to have been influenced and to have learned from a variety of talented craftsmen over the years, including but not limited to, my grandfather, John Bridge, my father, Patrick Gallagher, Paul Reisler, Sam Rizzetta, Rod Cameron and Jeff Sherman.


John Gallagher

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